About Us

VCE Tute

Specialised in tutoring Physics and Chemistry.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated tutors specialised in tutoring Year 11 and Year 12 Physics and Chemistry to high school students. We have many years of experience tutoring these two subjects. All our tutors have a current and valid Work With Children Check (WWCC). We frequently update our teaching materials and question set to suit the current syllabus. We also provide a range of questions varying from the basics to the challenging ones to help our students grasps understand and apply the concepts we teach. These enhance our students aptitude.

Why Us

We are able to provide quality tutoring at a very low cost due to two main reason.

Firstly, we keep our tutoring cost reasonable. There are a couple of tutoring centres and tutoring services that charge customers with high tuition fees. Contrary to them, we believe that our tutoring should be reasonably low. As such, our tutoring service was formed to cater to the year 11 and 12 students at a reasonable cost.

Secondly, our tutors focus on tutoring two key subjects. In doing so, we prioritize our time and attention to craft and plan our tutoring service. Thus we have effectively streamline our tutoring services to cater to needs of our students in these two subjects, Physics and Chemistry.

Thirdly, our Tutors are experts in the field of teaching both Physics and Chemistry. We have tutored these two subjects for years and only in recent years, we have decided to form our own tutoring service to help reduce any unwanted costs involved in referral. Instead, we provide incentives for our students to recommend the peers to our tutoring centres.

Additionally, we provide free tutoring classes for students to try out our classes.

Subjects we tutor

VCE Physics

VCE Chemistry