Frequently Asked Questions


To keep tuition pricing affordable and to streamline the enrolment and enquiries process, we encourage parents to contact us via the enrolment form.

When are the free trial classes?

Occasionally we provide free trial lesson followed subsequently by the intensive classes so that the students can try our classes to determine if it suits the students. The free trial classes are held during the term breaks and more information are available on the events section.

How are classes conducted?

All classes are held online by Zoom. Online courses help reduce the transmission of infectious diseases and reduce travel time.

Is Tuition necessary?

No, this is not required. It would be very lucky, though, to be able to have your a tutor. We have to accept that today’s theme is really different. Students who attend school are not academically weak or inexperienced in fact. Most students in Australia attend classes not only to pass tests, but to stretch time as learning would be more successful under a good tute.

How big is the class size?

When our class size exceeds a critical size, we will open additional classrooms in order to reduce the overall class size. As we encourage our student to make ad hoc adjustments every week, we’re not going to be able to stick to class size. Generally speaking, the weekend classes are bigger than the weekday classes.

The standard of each class can not be decided by the number of students. A good teacher should know what the students are going to ask, and even what they should ask, but they haven’t.

First of all, I have to persuade you that if your notes are not ordered, then the contents in your head are definitely not systematic as well! If I ask you to list Newton’s third law, you might be able to give me the basic definition of newton’s third law: For every action there is always opposed an equal and opposite reaction. You’re going to take a little extra time to explain if the last few points of Newton’s third law.

Taking your own notes is a good advice. Strong advice is almost always overlooked, but that won’t deter me from offering it. Before you get pessimistic about this, let me inform you that the notes I am referring to will be built in a very special manner. First of all, we must agree on a shared goal. The notes that we are going to prepare should be arranged in such a way as to support you at a time when you need it most and that is during the tests!

Are there make-up lessons?

In the same week, we provide different sessions for the same level and subject. We assume that you can see this versatility as an asset. We recognize the value of an appropriate class size for successful learning and the versatility to be able to adjust class in exceptional circumstances. However, if you are not able to make it for all of the alternative classes, we would only be able to provide the class notes so that you can keep up with the missed lesson/s.

Do I withdraw from tuition lessons if I do not want to continue anymore?

Following initial enrolment in Physics and Chemistry for senior high school students (weekly lessons or workshops), the student’s right to a position in the following terms is compulsory. There is no need to apply for the new phrase again. Students who do not intend to continue their lessons in the next term may inform us. We encourage students to send us early updates so that we can release the seat to the other students on the waiting list.

How much is the tuition fees?

Australia Tute is currently providing tuition services at a affordable rate of $25 per hour.

What is the accepted form of payment?

We accept PayID and internet transfer only

How many weekly classes are there in a term?

There are nine classes in a term. Each class is a 2-hour long session. There are four terms in a year.

Other enquiries

For other enquiries fill in the contact form and we will get back to you shortly.