Is the Atar everything? The true sum of our parts.

Academic pressure and academic achievement are big things in our lives. These high stakes exams often cause significant angst among youth, and teachers leverage on that to motivate and encourage kids to strive for better. Then switch mode on results day to remind you that it is not all only about results.

As an educator, I believe that you are more than the High School certificate, and I hope you remember the relationships you built, the lives you have impacted, the experiences you shared and how these have shaped you to be who you are, because in the long run, these character qualities are a bigger determinant of your success.

Your grades will open some doors, and also cause some doors to be closed. But there are always doors and options, even for those that do badly. While you may not like the options available to you, remember that sometimes taking these more difficult and unconventional paths will lead you to discovering that one thing that you love and that will bring you financial success. It is not always those who go to the top universities that achieve great financial success. Also remember that whatever the grades, you are still your parents’ son / daughter, and you are still you – a valued individual to your family and friends.

To those that do well – excellent, we celebrate with you!

To those that don’t meet your expectations, don’t focus on what is past and can’t be changed, look ahead and take the next best step that you can, keep an open mind because these paths may lead to great things, if you have the character and qualities to make it good.

Blessings and well wishes!