Purpose of exams, mock exams, and tests?

As educators, we are curious if students will see the tests. Are the tests interpreted and used by students in the correct way?

Do you use the exams as a “trial” to develop your skills and test out techniques to do better and improve your results, considering the small time and type of questions in the paper?

It’s like a full-dress rehearsal or a fun match against an opponent in preparation for the A division. You test your team tactics to see if you can make the right moves at the right moment of the match or results.

Each test is a future learning opportunity. Potential that some of you are treating it like an empty workout- “to write and regurgitate.” Therefore losing the potential learning that could have been gained from the assessment.

It’s a good time to assess your revision strategies: have you been successful in using time for revision/work? Every hour every day, every preparation and research that you do-does it make you do well at the exams or is it ineffective? Have you practiced and coached yourself to have the skills and abilities to make the right moves when time is short and you are under pressure in the Exam Hall? Have you tested if the emotional coping techniques are successful in helping you stay calm and think positively as odd questions come back to you in the exam room?

We hope that you will be a reflective learner who will become wiser after each test, and will use your learning experience to enhance your performance. Students should modify and adapt their tactics for each test, as this allows them to learn more, learn more easily, and prepare themselves to be more able to compete under the pressure of a real exam situation.

Not all students realised this, not all schools have trained their students to reflect, so they’re stuck with memorizing and regurgitating their entire life as they prepare on all their subjects.

Be a reflective learner who is always looking to improve.  Then you will improve faster than students/candidates from other colleges, and then you can ascend up the bell curve to a better ATAR rank.