The Buddy System

If you study on alone, you will be able to concentrate on your studies and focus on main topics. However, when you research with a friend or two, you might actually remember that you do not know the materials as well as you believe you do. Getting a student friend will support both you and your friend out there. This is because, you can describe it in a certain way, which may help you further understand, and vice versa; It has been shown that communicating a concept to another enhances your own encoding of the concept and increases the ability to explainit again during your test. Often, if you’ve both taken notes on the material in the class and you’re challenging each other, you might find that you haven’t written those ideas that they have.

In this way, we invite you to refer your mates to our tutoring sessions and make every lesson ever more engaging. Also note that a study mate is not meant to chit chat, rather it is meant to help one another out.