WACE Schedules

Western Australia timetable

WACE Physics and Chemistry

Weekly Classes

Year 11

Tuesday3-5 pmWednesday3-5 pm
Tuesday5-7 pmWednesday5-7 pm

Year 12

Thursday3-5 pmFriday3-5 pm
Thursday5-7 pmFriday5-7 pm

Schedule for daily Intensive Classes

Conducted during weekdays during the 1st week of each term break

Year 11 (10 h)3 pm – 5 pmYear 11 (10 h)1 pm – 3 pm
Year 12 (10 h)7 am – 9 amYear 12 (10 h)10 am – 12 pm
Time Zone – AWST

The daily intensive classes are held during the weekdays, spanning across the first week of the term break, totaling 5 days.

All classes are conducted online via Zoom.